Cake Maker Cooking for kids

Cake Maker Cooking for kids

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Become a master cake maker. Have your kids creativity take off by making magical Cakes and sharing their creations with friends.

Start your cake experience by adding the four main ingredients to the mixing bowl. Then gently stir your ingredients with your wooden spoon until you get a smooth batter.

Second decide which color of cake you would like to make. There are six different colors to choose from.

Third choose the size of Cake you would like to bake. The medium size cake is always good eating, but choose a bigger size if you like big tasty Cake.

Now move all the Cake into the oven by dragging them one by one. Then bake the Cake by touching the on button. When finished hit next.

Now comes the really fun part. Decorating Cake is my favorite with four main choices: frosting, two different types of sprinkle options and then silly cookie additions. Feel free to add as many cookie sprinkles as you want.

Don't worry if you make a mistake because you can simply hit the undo button to remove the last change you made. Keep touching the undo button as much as you need.

Finally share your magical creation by touching the mail icon so that you can share your cookie creation with your friends and family. I like this feature best so that I can see all the magical Cake that get made.

The app is very simple to use, here are the main steps on how to make a virtual cookie:

Mix the ingredients. When the process of creating a cookie starts, you’ll have the choice of selecting 4 different ingredients to add to a bowl: milk, flour, butter and eggs. Tap on the corresponding icon on the left and drag the ingredient in the bowl. When all are added use the spoon to mix them, simply tap on the spoon and rotate (without lifting the finger) in the bowl for a little.

Shape your Cake. In the next step you have to choose a shape and size for the cookie. There are six different shapes available (ginger, star, circle, star, rounded corner star, square) and after you’ve chosen one it’s time to select the size of 3 possible ones (small, medium and large).

Bake the Cake. Cakes are now ready to be baked. Tap and drag them into the oven and when you’re done start it to bake the Cake (to start the oven just tap on the ‘ON’ green button).

Add frosting. The fun part begins as it’s time to decorate the Cake by adding frosting. And there’s no shortage of ideas given that there are 4 different types of frosting each with as many as 16 sub-types, so dozens of possible decoration styles. Tap on a frosting icon on the left, then choose one of the options for that given frosting and start decorating. When everything is done you can share it with friends by tapping on the Mail icon to the right. If you don’t like what you’ve created there’s a reset icon (above the mail one) to start over.

Teaching your kids to use virtual cookie makers is a double advantage for your as a parent, not only that you don’t have to clean anything, but they won’t have the extra-energy from eating all those sugary Cake.

Cakes are wonderful treats and I hope you find this app a wonderful treat as well! Enjoy and have fun!

Cake Maker Options:

★ 6 different cake colors to choose from

★ 24 candies and sprinkles to decorate your Cake

★ 16 accessories and crazy things such as silly glasses, diamonds and hands

Cake Maker Features:

★ Touch & drag to mix up the ingredients

★ Touch the oven to start the baking

★ Choose different shapes and sizes of Cake

★ Email and share your cookie creation with a friend and invite them to play too!


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